Different types of sauna whisks

This article covers the differences of different sauna whisks. The sauna whisk ritual and tradition is discussed in another article on this page. Birch whisks The birch whisk is the most common whisk type in Finland. There are three main types of birch trees in Finland: Rauduskoivu (Silver birch, Betula pendula) Hieskoivu (Downy birch, BetulaContinue reading “Different types of sauna whisks”

Improving Ventilation in a Barrel Sauna

Barrel saunas are popular especially in North America. They are rather easy to fit on backyards and also relatively inexpensive and they look cool. One challenge with this sauna design is ventilation and heat stratification. While the basic rule of löyly (steam) in Finnish saunas assume that your feet are above the top of theContinue reading “Improving Ventilation in a Barrel Sauna”

Using Home Assistant to Create a Perfect Sauna App

Finns were eager to adopt all kinds of mobile applications especially during the heyday of Nokia about 20 years ago. The first SMS controlled stoves came around in late 90’s. After a few burned down saunas, we now have even a European standard SFS-EN 60335-2-53 for safety requirements of such appliances and applications. But apartContinue reading “Using Home Assistant to Create a Perfect Sauna App”