Garden Shower

People commonly ask if you should shower before sauna. Generally, yes you should as it is more sanitary. It’s sad to see people going in to gym “saunas” wearing their sweaty shorts and shirts and even shoes.

My sauna is on a patio and while it is not difficult to take a shower before going in to the sauna, I decided to add a garden shower. This was important also because I wanted to be able to go from sauna to hot tub and back and it is a good idea to rinse that bromine or chlorite water in between.

As with anything, you can go to extremes and get a plumber to add a fancy shower on your back yard or just use a garden hose to rinse. I wanted to add something stationary and elegant but I wasn’t prepared to donate my left kidney for a shower.

So I found a 7ft tall shower that I could just mount on the patio and connect it to a garden hose. The pole works as a reservoir that heats up the water in summer but I’m 100% certain that it will not work in winter. That’s ok though. In winter, I can take a quick warm shower before going to sauna and after sauna or hot tub a cold shower feels good anyway.

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