Different types of sauna whisks

This article covers the differences of different sauna whisks. The sauna whisk ritual and tradition is discussed in another article on this page. Birch whisks The birch whisk is the most common whisk type in Finland. There are three main types of birch trees in Finland: Rauduskoivu (Silver birch, Betula pendula) Hieskoivu (Downy birch, BetulaContinue reading “Different types of sauna whisks”

The Saunavasta (sauna whisk) Tradition

This article is about the saunavasta (sauna whisk) tradition. See also the Different types of sauna whisks post. A popular tradition in Finnish sauna culture is to beat the sh*t out of your friend with birch branches called sauna whisks, or saunavihta (Western Finland) or saunavasta (Eastern Finland) in Finnish. In addition to relieving yourContinue reading “The Saunavasta (sauna whisk) Tradition”