Saunas at Finnish Summer Places

Finns like their summer places and villas. They call them summer cottages or summer cabins (kesämökki), or just cabins if the place can ve used during cold winter months. There are about 500,000 such places in the country of 175,000 lakes and 5.6 million people. Some of these cabins are fancier with all amenities whereasContinue reading “Saunas at Finnish Summer Places”

Ever-Ready Sauna in an Apartment

Depending on the source, there are probably between 2-3 million saunas in Finland. The population is about 5.6 million and there are about 2.6 million household-dwelling units. So there are many saunas there. Saunas are quite typical even in condos and apartments. Many of those saunas are rather small and most if not all haveContinue reading “Ever-Ready Sauna in an Apartment”