Seeking the perfect löyly

Sauna is an integral part of the lives of the Finnish people. And one should seriously listen to the Finns, the fine folk from the happiest country in the world according to the World Happiness Report. We are convinced that every country with more than 0.6 saunas per capital is a happy country.

But going to sauna does not only promote happiness. It promotes culture and health too. Unesco added Finnish sauna culture to their list of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2020, so all this is getting pretty academic now.

This site is all about promoting the sauna culture. It is about sharing great and not-so-great ideas related to sauna. In all honesty, it is first and foremost a place for us to to document our ideas and experiences. Some ideas are worth sharing and some are not but as you never know which are which, it is better to share them all. One way to read the previous sentence is that if you are a sauna purist or one of those zerious Central European Sauna Meisters, other sites may have a bit more to offer to you.


Presentations of saunas by our community members as well as guests.


Numbers, calculations, crazy theories, and inventions.


There are about gazillion sauna related traditions that deserve to presented.


Presentations and reviews of crucial, useful and semi-useful accessories to your sauna.