Ararat Rail

Ararat rail is somewhat spontaneous sauna gadget that me and Mo decided to build. As mentioned in the Sauna-Jallu post, some people may consume adult beverages in sauna. This is highly discouraged, of course.

While jallu has some heritage value, the king of brandy-based beverages is Armenian Ararat. This product is sold in most countries and I consider Ararat 10 a pretty solid and smooth brandy.

To be able to serve this drink in sauna in the Covid times, one must consider contactless ways of passing the bottle from one side to another. I happened to have a few fine pieces of board and some metal chain so I figured that by nailing two pieces of board together thus creating a rail and then attaching that rail with a chain to the roof, one could simply slide a bottle from one side to another by lifting the rail from one end.

As you might assume, the practice eats the theory for breakfast. In my rigorous field tests the friction in the rail proved too high. Those of you that are familiar with Ararat bottles understand that the shape of the bottle was not designed this sauna tradition in mind. Luckily, a nearby hardware store sells sanders.

The video below shows this engineering masterpiece in action.

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